Thursday, April 2, 2009

# 14 Technorati

I am not sure I am in the right career to use something like this site. There is alot of stuff to look at but it truely was beyond my scope of need. It was interesting to search through it to see how the other eside lives. ;-)

#13 Delicious

I had my co-worker helped me with this and in her experiences I found that this site can ( and will) be helpful not only at work but in my volunteer work! I work with a first grade class at our local elementary school and one of the biggest hurdles these kids have to face is learning to read.I am always looking for fun things to use with children to make the process of learning to read easier. If kids think they're playing learning happens without their knowledge. At work I have become more involved with the adult reading group and will use this to help find authors, books and stimulating information to feed my hungry members!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

# 12

I think the most difficult thing to do in this exercise was to come up with a topic. I did find it pretty interesting and figured i could use this site to find songs, lyrics, and chords for a patron. Some of the music he wants tends to be a bit on the obsolete side so it can take awhile to find what he wants. I hope this will be worth it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

# 11

I like this "library thing". I can really use this to get more read-a- likes or find new authors that are similar. I like historical fiction but I want a read that is 'easier' and not so wordy..others may have that same desire. Here is my link (

Did I do it correctly?
This task was interseting and fun!!! I will use it.

# 10

This Image generator is almost too much for me. I do not 'create' things using these types of devices or programs. I learned how to do things by cut and paste in Word....that seems so old school now. When I have more time...I would like to play some more with it, I really think it would be fun to see what the possiblities are to make fun emails, ecards and just to create fun notices for events at the library!

# 9

I sure hope this is the place we are to be commenting or blogging ??? If not well I will transfer it to my blog spot...Anyhow..after taking a tour of the RSS Feeds, I feel I am more confused than before. I am also thinking who looks at all this information on a regular basis? Do most people use these RSS feeds daily, weekly or what? I check out the weather and I like to catch up on the daily local news, but I don't really feel compelled to (or have the time to) read or go through all these information outlets. Please help me see the real importance of learning this technology...I am flaundering!!! I do want to make a positive remark...I am really impressed that someone knew how to put all this information at our fingertips and knows how to give people what they need or want when they need it! WOW!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TCCL's 23

I feel my most difficult task is having confidence in my abilities. New technologies scare me and I hesitate to explore. I do however rely on some of my co-workers to 'teach' me how to use tools available and will then 'try them on'. Once I learn how to use some thing I love to pass it on to others who would/will benefit from it.